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Welcome to The Friedell Committee for Health System Transformation!

The Committee serves (1) as a catalyst for change at the community and policy levels; (2) to facilitate change, not as a doer but as a counselor; and (3) to educate people at all levels, and citizenry and policymakers in particular.

To establish a values-based approach to health care reform, the Committee will focus on the following objectives:

  1. To promote the Friedell Committee’s values-based principles, derived from public input, which are essential elements in a high performance health system for all Kentuckians.
  2. To develop instruments to measure each principle.
  3. To develop practical applications for every principle (a toolkit) for the use of community groups in assessing different aspects of the health system, and periodically revising them based on feedback from communities.
  4. To encourage communities and other entities to use the principles:
    a. as benchmarks in evaluating the present system;
    b. as foundational elements in health system transformation;
    c. as criteria for assessing progress toward these principles.
  5. To alter the public discussion about health care, now focused almost entirely on health insurance, and reframe it to focus on the need for a comprehensive, values-based high performance health system for all Kentuckians.
  6. To work with other groups and organizations to build public support for these principles.
  7. To make public policy recommendations, based on research, promoting these principles.